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Fix invoices fixing

Jak vyvolat chybu:
Add an invoice. Then add another invoice to storno it and enter the previous invoice id

Chybné chování:
The price is wrong

Předpokládané chování:
It should be set to the negative amount of the previous item


Note David: You've told me before that I should enter a negative number there which works fine. I understand that there is just one item so you cannot use it to remove one or more items from the invoice but you may still use it for changing the price which I've seen many times you can either increase or decrease the price by simply editing the invoice not cancelling it and generating a new one but correcting the current one. However I'd rather do a better accounting system which would support multiple items etc. And I'd mark this as a feature not a bug.

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9.6.2017 15:15 Avatar David Čápka Čeká na kontrolu Avatar David Jančík
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