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The most of the published article just disappeared

Jak vyvolat chybu:
I received an info from one of my redactor, https://www.itnetwork.cz/portfolio/78221, that he is not able to send me 2 articles for verification. The system would always cut the whole article just to the number of 818 characters.

So we agreed that hes gonna send me the article via mail in .docx form and i will try to copy it to the editor and publish my self.

I did this, everything worked fine, articles (https://www.itnetwork.cz/…ratoru-hlava, https://www.itnetwork.cz/…o-a-obleceni) were published. But now, when i want to edit them just to make some minor changes, i can only see those 818 characters and the rest is missing.

Im afraid that when i do some changes now, it will all get fucked. Can you, please, check it?


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via previous

Předpokládané chování:
should work :D


caused by using emoji which we don't support

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25. února 16:24 Avatar Michal Čápka Zamítnuto Avatar David Jančík
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